For Tuesday (4/19)


Here’s what we need to do for this Tuesday:

  1. Check out your comrades’ spreadsheets here.  (The page is password-protected.  At the prompt for the password, type in “holloway.”)  If you haven’t emailed me your spreadsheet link, do so now!  (Let me reiterate: the semester project is labor-intensive, and you won’t be able to do it via all-nighter/weekend-at-Starbucks, etc.  Get things underway pronto.)  We’ll team up in class to review spreadsheets.  In the meantime, you can use the “comment” function in Google sheets (“Insert” and then “Comment”) to offer feedback to your fellow DH’ers.
  2. Read David Bollier’s “The Commons, Short and Sweet.”  (We’ll move on to Dyer-Witheford and Hardt for Thursday.)
  3. Let’s do a quick Zotero tutorial in class.  I’ll handle this, but you might want to preview Zotero here.
  4. For those more ambitious, we’ll soon be exploring MediaWiki, the platform that powers Wikipedia.  We’ll do a quick install tutorial on Thursday.
  5. It’s a good time to clear up any grading mysteries.  The final grade breakdown will look like this: blogs, out-of-class stuff (like the JStor project, etc.), etc. = 66% of your final grade; final semester project = 34% of your final grade.  Questions? Concerns? Talk to me in class or during office hours.
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