Thursday (4/20)

Here’s our agenda for Thursday (4/21):

  1. Read either the Hardt or Dyer-Witheford essay on the commons and commoning.  Blog a response!
  2. Spreadsheet links are accumulating.  For Thursday, take a look at one spreadsheet by a fellow student.  Comment on the spreadsheet, via Google’s “comment” function, and blog about your data collection and anything you may have learned by looking at your comrade’s work.
  3. On Tuesday, we’ll take a look at Wikipedia and install MediaWiki into your domains.  You can get a head start by browsing over to Wikipedia and: 1) creating a Wikipedia account; 2) taking a look at Dagoberto Gilb’s page; 3) browsing through the “history” of the page (via the “view history” tab in the upper right-hand corner) and checking out the editing interface (by clicking on the “Edit” link in the upper right-hand corner of the page).  Enjoy!
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