For Tuesday (4/26)

Here’s what we’ll try to get done on Tuesday:

  1.  Wikipedia.  Create an account on  Then, take a look at the Dagoberto Gilb page.  Check out the “Talk,” “Edit,” and “View History” tabs.  Each will offer you a different perspective on the machinery behind the wikipedia page.  We’ll talk about these in class.  If I asked you to contribute to Wikipedia, what page would you edit?
  2. We’ll install MediaWiki on your domain.
  3. I’ve created a DH Tools page.  Here you can find a variety of different platforms to visualize your growing datasets.  Try out at least two (besides Palladio) and blog about: 1) the platform (its ease-of-use or not), its capabilities, etc.; 2) what each platform helped you discover about your data.
  4. On Thursday, we’ll talk about the final form of your project.
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