For Tuesday (May 3)

Let’s get silky in the Temporary Autonomous Learning Lounge!

What you’ll need:

  1. A fairly complete dataset in a spreadsheet.
  2. An account on Silk, our chosen data visualizer.  Also, be sure to review the Silk help pages, especially on importing a spreadsheet and refining your visualization.  Silk allows you to import Excel, .csv, and Google Sheets.  (I’d be sure to download or save your spreadsheet in a .csv file, just to see if this makes any difference in the visualization.) Silk works a bit differently than some of the other data visualization tools: the platform creates “datacards” for every row in your spreadsheet.  This does seem to make things a bit easier, but we may encounter some interesting rubs as we start to visualize.
  3. Food, drink, and any other social emollients (subject to CSU regulations).
  4. After we’ve played with silk, you’ll want to blog your experience.
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