Last minute info

Greetings, comrades!  There are few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you finalize your DH projects:

  1.  Email me ( the link to your Scalar essay by Wed., May 25, at 11:59 p.m.
  2. For me to enjoy your project, you’ll have to make your Scalar essay public.
    1. What does this mean?  It means that with the click of a mouse you will publish your essay  to the web so that I can read it without logging in.
    2. How do I do this?  Easy.  Go to your dashboard in Scalar (click on the little wrench icon in the upper right-hand corner of your typical Scalar page).  Click on the “Sharing” tab.  Under “Availability,” be sure that “Make URL public?” is set to “yes.”  Once you’ve done this, all you have to do is copy the url of your project (typically, something like this:[title of your book]/index) and email me the link.
    3. Try to make your Scalar project public during the editing process.  E.g. avoid last minute convolutions, consternations, etc.   If you have trouble publishing the project, let me know in advance of our deadline.
  3. Good luck and godspeed!  I’m eager to read your final projects.  And, don’t forget, if you need advising, help, etc. next semester . . . I’ll be on-campus and in my office.
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