For Thursday, September 25



Don’t forget the following for our next class (Thursday, September 25):

1) On Thursday night, we’ll continue discussing the two poems – – “Song of Myself” and “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” – –  by Walt Whitman.   Also, two important things about the online text of “Song of Myself”: a) you can skip the prose introduction to the poem – – the actual poem begins with the lines “I celebrate myself” on page 13; b) this is the original 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass and was not chopped up into individual “poems” by Whitman until later – – e.g. what we now know as “Song of Myself” ends on page 56 of the 1855 edition with the stanza, “Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged/Missing me on place search another/I stop some where waiting for you.” Check the syllabus to access these texts online.

2) Your “Bring Your Own Narrative” essay is due!  Check the essay assignment description here.

3) I want you to blog on the following: Near the end of “Song of Myself,” Whitman states that he will “sound [his] barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”  Consider all of the ways in which we should consider Whitman’s “poem” as a “barbaric yawp.”  What does he mean by these two words?  How does the rest of the poem help us to understand the phrase? How does this phrase help us to understand the rest of the poem?  Should we consider any other texts we’ve read as “barbaric yawps”?   Try to complete your blog post by Thursday, September 25, at noon.

4) Remind me to get the book club rolling!

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