For Thursday, November 6

A few things you’ll want to take care of before this Thursday:

1)  If you chose to continue working on your “American Selfies” essay (e.g. the introductory paragraph), be sure to have your final draft ready to give to me on Thursday.

2) Read T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land.”  Be prepared to be confused, confounded, and consternated.  Eliot worked very, very hard to upset his readers.  Read the poem twice, at least.  Come to class with some questions or frustrations.

3) The bell tolls for your reading club.  It’s time to start moving into Phase II.  I’ll describe this in more detail in class.  However, you all should be done with your books, scribbling in your reading logs, and thinking about connections – – how your text connects with stuff we’ve already read in class.

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