For Thursday, November 13

A few things you’ll want to finish up by Thursday:

1)  Find the zombie!  Last week we talked about Eliot’s “The Waste Land” as a poem about zombies – – creatures and settings that are neither alive nor dead and, more generally, people and places that are “in-between,” who represent uneasy combinations of past and present, machine and human, nature and civilization, even languages and texts.  For class, your goal is to find at least six examples of “zombie” moments in the poem.  Write down the lines from the poem and then use a few sentences to explain how or why they represent a zombie moment.

2) Start reading Hemingway’s In Our Time.  You’ll want to get to at least the end of “The Battler.”  As you read the stories and the chapters, here are some questions to consider: can you see any connections between the Nick Adams stories and Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” or other stories we’ve read this semester? can we consider the stories about Nick Adams a kind of bildungsroman? what is the relation between the “chapters”  and the short stories?  if Eliot and Hemingway are often considered “modernists,” what similarities in style or theme do they share?

3) Take your Book Clubbin’ to the next level –  – Phase Two.  I’ve added some guidelines for this on the front page of the book club wiki.

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