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Howling Thursday night!

For Thursday, December 4, you’ll want to read Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl.” You’ll also want to be prepared to disc [...]

For Thursday, November 20

Some things you’ll want to finish before Thursday, November 20: 1) Finish reading Hemingway’s In Our Time. 2) Get ready for a Bo [...]

For Thursday, November 13

A few things you’ll want to finish up by Thursday: 1)  Find the zombie!  Last week we talked about Eliot’s “The Waste La [...]

For Thursday, November 6

A few things you’ll want to take care of before this Thursday: 1)  If you chose to continue working on your “American Selfies&# [...]

For Thursday, October 30

Some things you’ll want to finish by this Thursday night: 1) Your American Selfie assignment.  Remember, no more than two pages, and [...]

For Thursday, October 23

Some things you’ll want to complete before we meet this Thursday: 1) Make sure you’ve set up a reading schedule and a reading lo [...]

The Greek Slave (1844)

Hiram Powers, “The Greek Slave” (1844) [...]

For Thursday, October 9

Some things to keep in mind for this Thursday’s class and beyond: 1)  We’ll continue our discussion of The Narrative of the Lif [...]

For Thursday, October 2

Some things you’ll want to finish up before our next class meeting on Thursday, October 2: 1)  Read the Narrative of the Life of Fred [...]

For Thursday, September 25

  Don’t forget the following for our next class (Thursday, September 25): 1) On Thursday night, we’ll continue discussing the [...]
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