For Tuesday (12/6)



Let’s keep reading In Our Time, from Chapter IX to the end of the collection.  (You can skip the shorty story, “My Old Man.”)

Book clubbin!  We’ll start our class presentations on Thursday, December 8.  So, I think you’ll want to spend our time in class Tuesday figuring out what and how you want to present your novel.  Remember: your goal is to show how the novel “fits” with the rest of our syllabus.

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For Thursday (12/1)

Let’s keep moving forward in In Our Time.  Read up to Chapter IX, the chapter right after the short story “The Revolutionist.”

Time to move from reading your novels to teaching them.  In your group forum, create a new doc.  On this doc, compile a list of the major connections your group sees between your novel and our syllabus.  Three or four good, rich connections should do the trick.

Your goal for each of these connections is to explain how your novel comments on, develops, adds to, complicates, conflicts with the motif, theme, form, etc. from the texts on our syllabus.  Discuss the nature of these connections in your group and use the group doc to explain the connections you’ve chosen.  Once you’ve completed this, you’re ready to start thinking about how you want to teach us your novel – – e.g. what you want to do with your group’s classroom time.

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For Tuesday (11/29)


f6b24997c1bdf825a3ed4fdb1e2927a1For Tuesday, let’s read up to page 63 in Hemingway’s In Our Time (to Chapter VI, which follows the short story, “The Battler”).

Your reading logs for your book club should be complete.  Now is the time to collectively decide on the major connections between your novel and American literature.  We’ll discuss this in class.

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For Thursday (11/17)

The end of “The Waste Land.”  Recall the kind of analysis we did on Tuesday for Book 1 of “The Waste Land” (“Burial of the Dead).  We divided or parsed up the book into its main images and then talked about the multiple themes and motifs in each of these images.

For Thursday, let’s do the same thing for Book 3 (“The Fire Sermon) of Eliot’s poem.  Print out a copy of Book 3.  Circle the main image clusters that you find.  Label each image cluster.  Then, list the themes and motifs that you see in that cluster.  Bring this annotated section of the poem to class.

See the pdf I’ve included below – – a kind of post-hoc record of what we did in class on Tuesday.



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For Thursday (11/10)


For Thursday, let’s start talking about T.S. Eliot. Read the whole of “The Waste Land.” To help, let’s think about other “wastelands” that we might know.  For instance, there’s the zombiefied landscape of The Walking Dead.  Bring at least one concrete example of some other wasteland that you’re familiar with to class on Thursday.

Though your reading schedules for the book club indicate otherwise, I’m not seeing much activity in your reading logs.  Remember: each group member will be evaluated on their contributions to the reading logs.  Your group set its own due dates.  Don’t miss those deadlines.

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