For Thursday (12/1)

Let’s keep moving forward in In Our Time.  Read up to Chapter IX, the chapter right after the short story “The Revolutionist.”

Time to move from reading your novels to teaching them.  In your group forum, create a new doc.  On this doc, compile a list of the major connections your group sees between your novel and our syllabus.  Three or four good, rich connections should do the trick.

Your goal for each of these connections is to explain how your novel comments on, develops, adds to, complicates, conflicts with the motif, theme, form, etc. from the texts on our syllabus.  Discuss the nature of these connections in your group and use the group doc to explain the connections you’ve chosen.  Once you’ve completed this, you’re ready to start thinking about how you want to teach us your novel – – e.g. what you want to do with your group’s classroom time.

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