For Tues. (Dec. 8)

Some things to remember for this Tuesday:

1     Join us in the Learning Lounge!  I’ll be in HUM 127 during our regular class time (11 – 12:15).  Julian will be there.  And, Caitlin will bring the coffee.  Come and hang out, ask questions about the final two-page paper, review your timeline entries, or just enjoy the chill, super brain-enhancing environment!  In any case, we’d love to see you in the classroom, but your presence there is optional.

2    What is not optional is our “Howl” Annotate-a-thon.  Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. you will want to visit the “Howl” page and add at least five annotations.  At least three of these should be replies to existing annotations. You can annotate from home, from MUNI, or from our TALL (“Temporary Autonomous Learning Lounge”) located in HUM 127.

3    Send me ( sharing links before Tuesday to your final draft of your of the Larsen timeline!

4    Don’t forget, our final two-page assignment, “Networking ‘Howl'” is due on Thursday, December 10, our final day of class.

Questions?  Let me know . . .