For Thursday (Dec. 10)

Thanks to all those who attended the Temporary Autonomous Learning Lounge 1.0.  A special thanks to Caitlin, who supplied the most excellent and robust House Blend coffee as well as the deliciously intriguing Ethiopian Yergacheffe.  And, thanks to Franziska, who delivered a dazzling array of home-baked and delicious cookies!

Welcome to the last day of class – – and, yes, we will be meeting in the classroom on Thursday.  It’s been a great semester . . . I hope the feeling is mutual.  I’ll be around next semester if you need advising, counsel, or a moment of respite in the Temporary Autonomous Learning Lounge.  Before you enjoy your vacation, here are a few reminders:

  1. Your two-page “Networking Howl” essay is due tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 10) in class.
  2. You should have already shared your Nella Larsen Timeline google docs with me.  If not, do so immediately!
  3. The folks who created are interested in your feedback.  If you can, take a few moments to offer them some feedback on their free, open source platform for digital annotation.  They’ll be very grateful.  (And, you might even receive some goodies.)
  4. If you enjoyed some of the digital/tech work we did this semester, perhaps you want to explore things further.  If so, do check out the course I’m offering next semester (English 495, “Introduction to Digital Humanities”).  We’ll be learning, making, and having fun – – as well as designing the return of the Temporary Autonomous Learning Lounge.

Hasta luego, comrades!

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