For Monday (5/8)

Time for the Boss.  Give a listen to Springsteen’s 1978 album – – Darkness on the Edge of Town.  (In addition to the YouTube version above, available here and here.) As you listen, think about the typical heroes and stories at the center of Springsteen’s songs.

For Wed. (May 3)

Let’s talk some more about Sleep Dealer.  For Wed.’s class, think about the connections you see between Rivera’s movie and the books and poems etc. that we’ve read so far in class.

For Wed. (April 26)

Let’s continue on in Phil Levine’s What Work Is.  Read the third part of the collection, the sequence of poems titled “Burned.”

I’d like to focus or start with two questions about Levine’s poetry: What is the “message from the kingdom of fire” in the title poem, “What Work Is”?  And, after reading the “Burned” sequence, what does it mean to “burn” or be “burned” in Levine’s poems?

For Monday (April 10)

Let’s continue dipping into Dagoberto Gilb’s The Magic of Blood.  For Monday, read the following stories: “The Magic of Blood,”  “Al, in Phoenix,” “Love in L.A.,” “Ballad,” “Franklin Delano Roosevelt Was a Democrat,” and “Hollywood!”.