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For Wed. (April 5)


Let’s start reading Dagoberto Gilb’s fantastic collection of short stories – – The Magic of Blood.  For Wed., be sure to read “Look on the Bright Side,” “Churchgoers,” and “Winners on the Pass Line.”

For Wed. (March 29)

Bring in two questions about Attaway’s Blood on the Forge.  These should be questions about things that puzzle or perplex you in the narrative.

Also, I’ve put On the Waterfront up on the motherblog here.   The page is password-protected – – check your email for the password to access the page and the movie.

News and updates

No class today Monday,  March 13, due to a stomach bug that swept through my household over the weekend. Also, recall, no class this Wed., March 15, as I’m scheduled to travel to a conference in Portland, OR. In the long two weeks before we meet again, be sure to: finish the Martin Eden assignment by end-of-business today.  I will comment…

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For Wed. (3/8)



Be sure you’ve read to the end of Chapter/Part 4 in Blood on the Forge.

Also, be sure to check out the two videos I posted previously (Duke Ellington and Skip James).  To your consideration of these videos, add the images above by Aaron Douglas and Jacob Lawrence.

For Monday (3/6)


For Monday, let’s read Chapters 3 and 4 in Blood on the Forge.  And, check out the two videos above.  Are the differences in musical style, sound, and performance between the videos helpful in thinking about the challenges faced by the Moss brothers?

Our Martin Eden assignment is up.  Here’s a guide to the assignment.  And, here’s the chapter I want you to annotate.  Bring any questions to class..





For Wed. (2/22)

For Wed., let’s take a slight breather in our Martin Eden reading.  (You should be at least to Chapter 30 and you should feel free to keep reading.)  Bring some questions about the novel to class.  And, given our discussion of how the representation of social class works in the novel (brain vs. body; reason vs. desire; control vs. appetite; etc.) bring an example of similar representations of class from our contemporary moment – -movies, tv shows, fiction, adverts, songs, etc.