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YouTubing Howl

Extra Credit: YouTubing "Howl"
Due: Friday, April 12, 4:00 p.m.
[Nota bene: Consider the technical difficulties you may encounter on the way to becoming a YouTube star.  And, remember: YouTube takes some time to process your video once you've uploaded it.  I.e. don't wait until 3:30 on Friday to make your video.  Start Now!]
For this extra credit assignment, you will "perfom" at least 25 lines of Ginsberg's "Howl."
The goal is for you to interpret the poem with your voice and with whatever other visual media (film clips, images, filmed sequences, etc.) that you may want.
First, choose your favorite 25 lines from the poem.  You will want to rehearse your lines before recording your performance.  You will then upload your performance to YouTube.

YouTube account info (you will need this to upload the video to our class YouTube page):
Password: 1600holloway

How to make your video:
First, you will need access to a computer with a webcam or to a video camera.
     If you own a computer that has a webcam, great.  You can do this assignment wherever you want.
     If you don't own a computer with a webcam, you'll probably want to use a computer lab on campus.

If you want to add a soundtrack, other visual clips or images, etc., you'll want to use either iMovie (if you have a Mac) or Movie Maker or PhotoStory (if you own a PC).  (These are all bundled with newer machines.)
Not sure how to use either one?  Relax, they're easy.  Here are some links to an iMovie tutorial, a Movie Maker Tutorial, and a PhotoStory tutorial.

How to Post Your Video on YouTube:

 1) Go to YouTube on the Internets.

2) Sign in by clicking on the “sign in” button on the top, right-hand corner of the webpage (see account info above).

3) Click on the yellow “upload” button on the top right-hand corner of the webpage.

4) You have 2 options:

   (a) you can first record your video, then upload the file to YouTube. (Uploading Instructions)

       (b) OR, you can choose the “record from webcam” option so that you are recording directly to YouTube. If so:

  •                   you will first need to allow YouTube access to your webcam (YouTube will prompt you).
    •     once you’re ready, click on the  round “ready to record” button.
    •     when you’re done reading the poem, click on the red square button to stop recording.
    •     you’ll then be asked if you want to publish, review, or re-record.
    •     if you’re satisfied with your reading, click “publish” – this will publish the video on YouTube. It takes some time to process, so be patient.

Voila! Your video has been published. 

Final steps:

  •  Make sure that you title your video with a specific title (e.g., Brad Pitt Reads “Howl”) with your name on it, so that it’s less confusing with the other videos uploaded to the account.
  • To access your videos, click on the active link “english528SU2011” on the top of the webpage.
  • Click “edit” to change the title, enter a description, tag it, put it in the appropriate category, etcetera etcetera…
  • Remember to “save changes”!
Questions?  Email me.