For Tuesday (2/2)

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For Tuesday, read up to the end of Part 2/Chapter 14 in Richard Matheson’s 1954 novella, I Am Legend.  (I’ve uploaded a .pdf of the novella.  If you prefer a different e-format – – epub/apple books or mobi/kindle, let me know in advance.  I think I might be able to post these alternative file formats as well.)

As you read the novella, keep in mind our discussion on Tuesday about apocalypses and the PA genre.  Though there have been many “end of the world” stories – – Noah, Gilgamesh, Mary Shelley’s The Last Man (1826), Wells’ War of the Worlds (1897), etc., the “Atomic Age” may have spawned the post-apocalyptic as a distinct genre.  And, as we saw in the Civil Defense video on Tuesday, Atomic Age culture could be full of weird, unsettling ironies and inversions.  Makes sense: even as the U.S. became a global power, it also confronted the “reality” of its own complete destruction.  Let me know what you find weird about Matheson’s story.

We won’t be meeting via zoom on Tuesday.  Instead, I’ll post a small writing prompt.  Check back here on Tuesday morning for the prompt and reminders for class on Thursday (2/4).