For Tuesday (2/22)

For Tuesday, February 22:

  • Read up to the end of part two (“Non-negligible Probabilities”) of Ben Winter’s novel – – The Last Policeman.
  • Get ready for our Wikipedia project.  First, think about some post-apocalyptic text that you’re interested in – – something you’ve already read, viewed, played, etc.  Head over to Wikipedia and see if there’s already a wikipedia page on your topic.  If there is, is it any good?  If there isn’t already a page, make a note.  Then, sign up on our WikiEdu dashboard by clicking here.  (When you sign up and create a user name – – try to make it something that will help me recognize you.). If you get a chance, look at the first WikiEdu module: “Introduction to the Wikipedia assignment.”
  • Finally, our “Omega Men” assignment is up.  Take a look.  I’ll hold office hours on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. so that you can visit to ask questions about the assignment or etc. (Will send out the zoom link on or near Tuesday a.m.)