For Thursday (11/30)

Let’s dig deeper into your episodes of Stranger Things.  On the wiki page for each of your two episodes, do the following:

Micro level:

  • Distinguish the narrative strands within each episode, i.e. the seemingly separate narrative sequences within the episode.
  • Summarize the plot for each strand within the episode, i.e. list the main narrative events.
  • Identify the “Proppian” character functions for each strand (Hero, Villain, Donor, etc.) and identify any “Proppian” narrative actions (Abstentation, Departure, Testing, etc.)
  • Speculate about the relation between these narrative strands.  Are they isomorphic, i.e. do they seem to echo each other in structure or sequence?  Is there anything interesting about the different character-functions and the particular characters who fill them?

Macro level:

  • Where do the narrative events of this episode seem to fit into the larger narrative sequence/s that span/s this season of Stranger Things?  Can you place the narrative actions in this episode within a “Proppian” narrative sequence of the whole season?