Araby assignment

Your goal in this assignment is to show me how the semiotics of characterization and setting work in James Joyce’s short story, “Araby.”  To accomplish this you’ll need to:

  1. Map the binary oppositions in the text of the story that construct Araby’s semiotic systems of setting and characterization.  You should submit a single page binary opposition diagram for setting and for characterization.  (2pp./40pts.)
  2. Explain patterns that you find within these binary oppositions.  Here, you should label the patterns that you find, e.g. “nature vs. society,” “saints vs. sinners,” etc., and devote a paragraph or two to explaining each of these patterns.  (2 pp./40pts.)
  3. Connect a pattern you find in “Araby” to at least two other stories in Joyce’s Dubliners.  In this section, you want to show me how “Araby” fits with the other Joyce stories that we’ve read.  In other words, how does “Araby” demonstrate Joyce’s broader semiotic systems (of characterization or setting) in Dubliners? (1 p./20pts.)

This assignment will be due on Thursday, November 9, 2017, at the beginning of class.  Enjoy!