Digital annotating: Part 1


The first page of David Foster Wallace’s copy of Deon DeLillo’s novel, Players.

Annotate your poem (Levine or Diaz) using hypothesis.  Not sure how to use hypothesis?  Check out this easy, brief guide.

Make at least four annotations – – two original comments and two responses/replies to another reader’s comments.

For this first round of digital annotations, use only text.  And, use the annotations to simply record what you’re thinking as you read the poem.  (As a general, introductory guide,  I kind of like Mr. Varnell’s tips over on – – for now, you can ignore his comments on images and links.)

This first annotating assignment may engage you in two new things: getting started on online annotation and the work of annotating itself.  Don’t worry at all about what the poem “means” in some global sense, just focus on responding/reacting to particular points of confusion, interesting particular words, images, etc.  For now, use the annotations to capture the questions or reflections that occur as you read the words on the “page.”