For Tuesday (9/12)

For Tuesday, be sure you’ve installed and customized your WordPress site.  Send me the url to your blog.

Our goal this week should be to finish the richly annotated versions of our two poems.  So, keep working on your annotations.  Second, read this plain text version of Melville’s short story, “Bartleby, the Scrivener.”  After you’ve read the story, check out these two annotated versions of the story (on Slate and on Genius).  Our interest here isn’t so much in what the story means, but in what role the digital annotations play in our reading of the story.

This will be the topic of your first blog post, e.g. in a blog post, reflect on how each annotated version shaped your experience of the story.  In what ways were the annotations helpful? not helpful? In what ways did the annotations make the reading experience richer? Did the annotations distract you – – in enjoyable or not-so-enjoyable – – ways?  What kind of guidance, inspiration, etc. might these annotations give you as you revise your annotations?  Post to your blog by midnight on Monday, September 11.