For Thursday (9/14)

On Thursday, we’ll meet in the computer lab in HUM 401.  A couple of things you’ll want to do before our meeting:

  1. Choose a text you want to annotation super-richly.  The text can be a poem or a story.  It probably shouldn’t be too long.  Best option: choose a text that you’re currently reading (or will be reading) for a class you’re enrolled in.  It will make things easier if your text is already online.  (Not sure?  Check out or  If the text is not too long, you can always enter it manually.  If you can’t decide, bring a couple of candidates to class.  Create a blog post where you name your text (or texts) and briefly explain why this text/these texts is/are a good choice.
  2. Click here to enroll in our Wikipedia project site.  Once you’ve enrolled, complete the two “training” sessions – – “Wikipedia Essentials” and “Editing Basics.”  (These are available on our course Wikipedia dashboard and can be accessed once you’ve registered and enrolled via the link above.)  As you work through the training sessions, think about particular Wikipedia page(s) you’d be interested in editing or creating.  These candidate pages should be literature or humanities-related, so think about writers, books, stories, poems, art works, films, musical works, etc. that interest you.  Then check to see: does a Wikipedia article already exist for this topic? if a page does exist, does it need more work?  (Also worth checking out: this list of requested articles by Wikipedia users related to literature.)
  3. And, finally, make sure you’ve sent me the link to your blog!  (Do me a favor and check out blogroll – – to the left – – to make sure I’ve included your blog, your name is correct, and that your blog link works.)

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