For Thursday (9/28)

Thursday, we’ll meet in the computer lab (HUM 401).  Before we meet, you should make sure you do a couple of things:

  1. Create a blog post that indicates the Wikipedia page you’ve chosen to work on.  In the blog post, explain where the content gaps are on your chosen Wikipedia page. (The Wikiedu module for this week on “Evaluating Wikipedia” may help you think more specifically about content gaps etc. on your page.)  Having pointed to the content gaps on the page, write up a short sketch of the kind of work that you think needs to be done – – editing, adding, formatting, etc. – – on your page.
  2. On our Wikiedu dashboard, make sure you complete the “training” on “Evaluating Articles and Sources.”  Use your sandbox to note what tasks you need to do to edit/improve/create your page.  As you work on your page, use the sandbox to update your progress.
  3. And, whatever you do, don’t visit the five creepy Wikipedia pages noted in the video above.  Please.  Don’t.