For Thursday (10/5)

Thursday, we’ll meet in the computer lab (HUM 401).  Before you arrive, make sure you’ve completed the Wikiedu tutorial on sources and citations.  In class, we’ll do a Citation Hunt!

Now is also a good time to make sure you’re up-to-date with our Wikipedia project.  This means:

  • you have identified a page to work on (and that page has been assigned to you on our Wikiedu dashboard);
  • you have completed all the tutorials/trainings up through Week 6 on our Wikiedu timeline;
  • you have posted an entry to your blog that links to your chosen Wikipedia page, that explains the content gaps you’ve found on this page, and that sketches out the kind of work you’ll need to do to edit your page;
  • you have posted an evaluation of your chosen Wikipedia page to your Wikipedia sandbox (see Week 5 on our timeline for specific questions and heuristics helpful to your analysis, or check out Angelo’s sandbox).

Next week, we’ll start looking at “algorithmic criticism.”




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