For Tuesday (10/17)

Let’s continue our exploration of computational text analysis by reading David Hoover’s “Textual Analysis.”

A couple of other things to keep on your docket:

  • throw up a blog post about your Voyant reading of the text you looked at last Thursday.  Some questions to consider: what kinds of patterns did Voyant help you see in the text? which of the Voyant tools seemed most helpful and why? what kinds of things did Voyant not show you about the text you analyzed? (Here’s an account of how James Baker used Voyant to analyze a huge corpus of British political cartoons.  And, here’s a whole gaggle of Voyant-inspired projects worth perusing.)
  • you want to find five or six sources for your Wikipedia editing project.  Enter the texts and their bibliographical citations in your sandbox and use a sentence or two to explain why/how they’ll be helpful to your editing work.