For Thursday (11/30)

First, a couple of deadlines for Thursday to be aware of:  1) your Wikipedia edits/pages should be live; 2) you should have your “How Not to Read a Novel/Narrative” report posted to a page in your blog.

Second, when we meet in the computer lab (HUM 401) on Thursday we’ll be installing and messing around with Scalar, a scholarly multimodal publishing platform from USC.  To prepare yourself, take a look at some sample Scalar books.  Then, browse through the Scalar user’s guide.  (If you want to get a head start, you can install Scalar on your ReclaimHosting site.  But, be sure to install the application into a new subdomain.  We did this with your WordPress installs, but if you can’t remember how we did the subdomain stuff, no worries.  We’ll do a step-by-step in the computer lab.)