Final Wikipedia assignment

For your final assignment, I want you to reflect on your Wikipedia work, especially in relation to the notions of “collective intelligence” (Levy), “wisdom of the crowd” (Surowiecki), “audience” and “community” (Shirky), and the “bazaar” vs. “cathedral” (Raymond).  You’ll present your final assignment as a Scalar book.

Here are the chapters you should include in your Scalar book on Wikipedia:

  • Process.  This chapter should describe what you did to produce your Wikipedia edits/page.  Include here brief descriptions of: your choice of Wikipedia page, your evaluation of Wikipedia page and its content gaps, your engagement with Wikipedia rules and conventions (neutrality, objectivity, etc.), source finding and citation, peer review (both as the peer-reviewed and peer-reviewer), article/edit drafting.  The goal here is simply to report what you did from start to finish of your Wikipedia editing process.
  • Reflections.  Here, you should reflect on what you did.  This is the place where you can opine, evaluate, judge the process you describe in the first chapter.  This chapter should include – – at a minimum – – reflection on: a summary of the changes you made to the original Wikipedia page and an explanation of their significance; your experience as a peer reviewer and on feedback you received; the novelty of writing something for Wikipedia (i.e. how did this writing experience differ from the usual kinds of writing you do in classrooms); things to be improved – – in the organization of the assignment, in the Wikipedia process, etc.  Once you’ve tackled these areas for reflection, feel free to reflect on any other components/moments in the Wikipedia writing and assignment that you feel were particularly difficult, productive, or rewarding.
  • Wikipedia theory.  Over the past month or so, we’ve read a fair number of essays about some of the core ideas behind Wikipedia (Levy, Suroweicki, Shirky, et al.).  Your goal in this chapter is to answer the question: how does Wikipedia exemplify (or not) these ideas?  Quote from the articles we’ve read to develop your argument.
  • Conclusion.  Here, sum up what you’ve learned about Wikipedia and Wikipedia work.  In other words, what has your work added to your understanding of Wikipedia and to your understanding of how the “internet” works? (Note: Write this part last but when you organize your Scalar book, put this section first.)

Feel free throughout to link to appropriate pages – – Wikipedia pages, sandboxes, tutorials, articles etc.

Here’s the tentative rubric I’ll use to evaluate your Scalar book:

  • Process (15 pts.)
  • Reflections (25 pts.)
  • Wikipedia theory (25 pts.)
  • Conclusion (15 pts.)
  • Scalar book design (20 pts.)

When you’ve finished writing and designing your book, send me the link.