For Tuesday (11/14)

For Tuesday, let’s continue our discussion of “collective intelligence” and the “wisdom of the crowd” by reading some Clay Shirky – – here and here.

If you haven’t received two peer reviews from classmates on your sandbox/Wikipedia draft, let me know!

For Thursday (10/26)

For Thursday, we’ll meet in HUM 410 – – the computer lab.

You should be starting to draft your Wikipedia article in your sandbox.

And, based on the computational textual analysis of your corpus (e.g. Voyant tools analysis), use Google’s Ngram viewer to contextualize your corpus and research questions via Big Data!

For Tuesday (10/24)

How might “Big Data” change the way we study things in the humanities? For Tuesday, let’s talk about Dan Cohen’s view of things in his essay, “Searching for the Victorians.”

In the meantime, write a blog post describing Phase II of your Voyant experience.  As you used questions inspired by Hoover’s essay, what new things have you noticed about your corpus? about the Voyant tools?  Can you describe a hypothetical research project based on Voyant tools?

In the wiki-world – – you should have collected five or six good sources and posted these – – with citations – – in your wiki sandbox.  This week, you want to start drafting your Wikipedia article/edits in your sandbox.

For Thursday (10/19)

On Thursday, we’ll meet in the computer lab (401).  Come to class with the following:

  • a text or corpus of texts you’d like to analyze via computational textual analysis (e.g. Voyant) and at least two questions generated by our exercise with Hoover’s essay on Tuesday.
  • five or six sources for your Wikipedia page project.  These should be entered into your sandbox.
  • take a look at Week 8 on our Wikipedia project dashboard.  On Thursday, you’ll start drafting your page and/or page edits.