Tweeting Carrie

We’re going to tweet Dreiser’s novel, Sister Carrie.

1) join a character group (we’ll divide up into groups in class);

2) your group should go to Twitter and create an account for your character (you will all share login information for this account);

3) create a Twitter profile for your character – – including an appropriate avatar (Never tweeted before?  You can find an introduction to twitter here and a handy “how-to” do everything here.);

4) tweet your character’s experience.  Twitter encourages short, on-the-fly reports about everyday life.  For our purposes, the narrative is your character’s everyday life.  Your job is to imagine how your character would tweet about whatever is happening to him or her.  You should attach links or images or other media to your tweets to create a richer representation of your character’s consciousness.  (For instance, wouldn’t Carrie tweet a picture of Chicago as she reports arriving there?)

5) every tweet you produce for your character should include the hashtag: #SisCarrie.  This will allow us to follow all the tweets by searching for the #SisCarrie tag on Twitter or any other twitter platform.

5) you must tweet once a day.  This means that you should check the tweetstream associated with #SisCarrie before you tweet – – to make sure that you’re not repeating your comrades’ observations.


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