For Thursday (11/30)

Let’s get started on Don Delillo’s novel, White Noise!  Me confieso: this is one of my favorite contemporary novels.  It’s also very, very funny.  And, fittingly, in many ways it’s an “academic” novel, i.e. a novel about college and college life.

Since it’s getting late in the semester and the stress levels are rising, let’s “bookclub” this novel.  In other words, every class session, you’ll meet in a small/ish group and talk about the pages assigned for that day.  At the beginning of class, I’ll distribute a couple of questions to help seed the discussion and get things going.  At the end of class, you’ll do some informal writing.

For this Thursday, read the first 10 chapters in White Noise – – up to about page 46 in the Penguin edition.