For Tuesday (10/3)

Let’s visit the 1913 Armory Show!  Take your time and wander through the galleries.  As you do, find the painting or sculpture that you think is the most “modern.”  Write a couple of paragraphs explaining what makes this piece of art modernist.  (As you reflect and write, think about some of the themes we’ve started to talk about in re “modernism” – – i.e. using form to subvert forms; representation over reality; consciousness versus the thing; speed; perception; etc. ) Bring the writing to class.

For Tuesday (9/12)

In keeping with your emerging theme of “haunting,” let’s read some poetry by Edgar Lee Masters and Edwin Arlington Robinson.  Make at least two annotations on Masters’ poems and two annotations on Robinson’s poems.

At first glance, the poems may seem a bit simple.  However, I actually think they’re pretty weird, a lot weirder than most people give either Masters or Robinson credit for.  Do you find anything in the poems odd or unsettling?