English 602 Fall 2016

Literature and Society

For Tuesday, finish reading The Circle.

Also, we need to bring the Uber-Transmission project to a close.  At this point, you should be synthesizing your sources and writing up a commentary on the Uber-Transmission connections that you’ve discovered.  Remember: your Uber research should help you to understand Transmission more deeply; and, Transmission should help you to frame and interpret Uber more deeply.  I suggest that each group create a new google doc – – linked from our shared doc – -and use that new doc as a place to start writing things up.

The ultimate product of your group efforts should be: a 750 word summary of the Transmission-Uber connections that you’ve found.  This summary should, obviously, be organized according to your group’s main ideas about Transmission-Uber connections. (See above for the substance of these ideas.)  It should also cite sources (from articles etc. about Uber and from Kunzru’s novel) to illustrate or develop your main ideas.  This document should be completed by Thursday, November 3 and published as a separate Google doc.

October 26th, 2016

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