English 602 Fall 2016

Literature and Society

For Thursday, download the “Lightbeam” add-on for the Firefox browser.  (You may need to download Firefox.)  After you’ve downloaded and activated the Lightbeam add-on (simple instructions can be found the download page), keep it running for 24 hours.  Visit some popular sites (New York Times, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) and some of your favorites.  Explore the Lightbeam panel and take some notes about surprising things you see in the panel.  Bring these notes to class.

Check out the simple self-doxing tutorial here.  Try to bring a portable computing device to class on Thursday so that we can get started on the self-doxing.  For Tuesday, November 8, you will compile a dossier on your “internet” self.  How much information about you is on the web?  What surprises did you encounter as you doxed yourself? How “transparent” are you?

Let’s get a draft of your Uber-Transmission analysis (750 words) onto a google doc by Thursday.  Be sure to send me the link to your group’s google doc.  FYI: be sure to add your initials to everything you contributed to your group note-taking/commentary page.  I’ll evaluate your individual contributions to the Uber article database and your group note-taking/commentary page.  Nota bene: I’ll evaluate your final draft of the Uber-Transmission group project as a whole, e.g. one evaluation for the group page and everybody will earn the same evaluation.

Questions?  Let me know.

November 2nd, 2016

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