English 602 Fall 2016

Literature and Society

scalar_webinarFirst, head over to Scalar and create an account.  (You can do this by simply clicking on the “Sign In” button at the top of the Scalar page.)  Once you’ve created an account, enter your user name in this google doc.  (That way, I can invite you to edit our book.)  After you’ve taken care of these business matters, take a look at the Scalar quick start guide.  Start with the section on “Creating a Page” and try to work your way to the last item, “Creating a tag.”  Again, this is only to prepare for class, we’ll actually be working through this stuff in class on Tuesday.

We won’t have that much time to finish up your mini-lessons on Note to Self and Ready Player One.  Remember, you’ve joined a teaching group for either one of these two novels.  (Not sure which group you’ve signed up for?  Let me know ASAP.)  You’re reading these novels “cold,” e.g. without much help or guidance from me.  So, I think the best way to get a handle on your task is to read each novel with themes or ideas or questions that we’ve discussed in our previous novels.  In other words, how does your novel seem to connect with NeuromancerThe CircleTransmission, etc.?

Here are the steps you should follow to prepare to teach your novel:

  • create a reading schedule.  When will everybody have finished reading the novel?  How will this task be split up (via chapter, pages, etc.)?
  • create a reading log.  This will be a place to record reactions, to work out the themes, ideas, etc. that you find as you read, to keep track of questions you have about the novel and questions you might want to pose to the class about the novel.
  • compose some teaching notes.  As you finish reading, ask yourself: what are some of the most important things I want the rest of the class to think about in this novel?  Discuss these insights and ideas amongst your group.  Be sure to include particular episodes or quotes that might anchor a good discussion.
  • draw up a presentation.  Having decided what you want us to see and think about, figure out how you want to teach the novel.  Divide up this work amongst yourselves.  Then, think about the means you want to employ to teach us – – lecture? in-class activity? presentation?  (We’ll talk more about this as your group gets clearer about the content of your lesson.)

I’ve started things by creating a Google Doc for each novel: Ernest Cline,  Ready Player One; Alina Simone, Note to Self.

November 24th, 2016

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