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For Tuesday (2/28)

1) For Tuesday (actually Wed.), we’ll be doing a little manuscript detective work.

First, note and read  the second poem – – titled there as “A Song for Occupations” – –  in the 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass.  Make a few notes about the poem:  what are the most interesting or important lines? how does this poem extend, develop, elaborate themes and/or lines in “Song of Myself.”

Then, proceed into the remaining six editions of Leaves of Grass.  Your goal is examine how this poem changes over the course of the rest of Whitman’s publishing career.  Where in the other editions does this poem occur?  How and where has it been re-titled?  Has Whitman made any significant edits to the poem itself?  What is significant about the way Whitman re-positions the poem in the remaining editions?  What is significant about the changing titles of the poem?

As you track “Song for Occupations,” think about how the shifting identity and situation of the poem reflect on the meaning of the poem and what these shifts might tell us about Whitman’s own changing understanding of Leaves of Grass.  Blog your reflections on your detective work.

I’m a day or so late on posting this – – so let’s move the due date for this post to 5 p.m., Wed., March 1.

2) Dont’ forget our tweet-of-the-week: Frances Wright. (Due: Thursday, March 2)

3).  Don’t forget to browse through Specimen Days and blog on an interesting entry.  (Due Thursday, March 2)

4) Make sure you check out the new “Teaching Page” I’ve created.  I’ve posted teaching groups and members.  If I’ve made mistake in your group preference, let me know.  If your name is not on that page, let me know.

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