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Tuesday (4/3)

1) Read and comment on three other project descriptions.  You can either scroll through the blogroll to the right or click on the class blog feed to get a digest of recent blog posts.  Your goal here is to offer helpful feedback to your three other comrades.  E.g. don’t just write – – “Great idea!”  Explain what makes the idea great, or what kinds of further questions or speculations the project description inspires.

2) The goal of your project is to show me what you know (have learned) about Whitman.  Another goal is for you to develop a project that you’re interested in – – e.g. that isn’t driven by external incentives, but by your own engagement with the question and/or problem.

Recall the three questions I posed in class about your project:  1) what question and/or problem do you want to pursue?; 2) why do you want to pursue it? (e.g. how will this project change you?  what will you gain by completing the project?); 3) what evidence of learning do you want to develop?  (e.g. can you imagine ways and means beyond the 5 page lit-crit essay to demonstrate what you’ve learned?).

If and once you have thought about what project you want to develop, move on to thinking about the kind of evidence of learning that you want to present.  This may actually help you to think more clearly about the what and why of the project.  You can present any evidence of learning that you wish – – but your choice must show me what you’ve learned about Whitman and his poetry.  E.g. as you think of various ways of showing me, also think about how these various ways will show me what you’ve learned.

Blog about the evidence(s) of learning that you think you’d be interested in developing.  What will they require – – more research? further reading? technical know-how?  How will this evidence demonstrate your learning?

Questions?  Email me.

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