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Classroom Project Reset

First, due to a family emergency, class will be cancelled for Thursday, April 19.

This means that our first flight of classroom presentations will be delayed for a week.  E.g. the Rukeyser and Sandburg groups will be re-scheduled for Thursday, April 26.  Be sure to check the motherblog this Friday for your online blogging due for Tuesday, April 24.

Actually, this turn of events represents a kind of unhappy serendipity.  As I’ve talked to our first two groups, I recognize some things that I need to clarify and formalize.  For instance, the following:

1) as I’ve explained a couple of times in class, the classroom presentation is not about lecturing or delivering information.  The goal for each group is to help the class read and think about the relations between our chosen “Whitman heirs” and Whitman.  To achieve this, the best strategy is to:

a. read and think together about the poet/artist that you’ve selected.  I’ve created a google doc for each group.  You can use this space to share ideas, questions, proposals, etc.  You should be able to access the google pages through these links (e.g. without having to sign-in, create accounts etc.): Ginsberg, Levine, Guthrie, Coen Bros (the Sandburg and Rukeyser pages are already up and functioning).

b. the fruit of this collaboration should be to arrive at two things: a text or selection of a text that you want the class to read; and, a set of questions to help guide the class to investigate the connections and ideas your group is interested in.

c.  as you develop these google docs, I will check-in periodically to comment on your work and (hopefully) help to guide you toward a successful presentation.  If you have a discussion going and want me to comment on it directly – – please email me.

2) Once you’ve reached this stage – – decided on a text or part of a text you want everyone to read and a set of questions and goals – – you will probably need to ask me to scan texts so that they can be distributed to your classmates.  You should do this by email.  Try to give me 24 hours at least to scan etc.

3) You will then need to post your assignment to your blogs.  You can do this individually or collaboratively – -e.g. everyone posting their assignments on their own blogs, or deciding to post your assignments on one particular member’s blog.  Again, email me so that I can post the assignment to the motherblog.  You will need to be at this stage – – with an assignment posted on a blog – – by the Friday of the week before your presentation.  Thus: Rukeyser and Sandburg – – by Friday, April 20; Ginsberg and Levine – – by Friday, April 27; Guthrie and Coen Bros. – – by Friday, May 4.

I know this sounds a bit elaborate.  But, the main thing is to start working together NOW and get things in shape before the Friday that your blog post is due.  Questions?  Email me.

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