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For Thursday (May 10)

Consider Woody Guthrie, heir to Walt’s legacy!  Here. (Don’t forget: choose one of two blog posts to respond to.  The time frame is a bit compressed this week – – of I’d appreciate it if you make an extra effort to post as quickly as you can.  And, don’t forget, Coen and Guthrie groups – […]

For Thursday (May 10)

The whacky Whitmanian ambitions of the Coen Bros – – details and reading/writing/thinking work here.

For Tuesday (May1)

Look at the two projects on Ginsberg and Levine authored by your comrades.  Choose one to blog about.  Post this response to your blog by Tuesday, May 1, at 5 p.m. Also, don’t forget to think about your final projects.  Time is running out.  We’ll have a brief discussion about final projects in class on […]

For Tuesday (May 1)

The Levine group has a special invitation for you here.

For Thursday (4/26)

Comrades – – you have a doubleheader for Thursday: Sandburg and/or Rukeyser.  Take a look at both posts from your colleagues and decide which you want to explore.  Once you’ve decided – – blog your response to the questions posed by each group. Here’s the post on Muriel Rukeyser. And, here’s the post on Carl […]

Classroom Project Reset

First, due to a family emergency, class will be cancelled for Thursday, April 19. This means that our first flight of classroom presentations will be delayed for a week.  E.g. the Rukeyser and Sandburg groups will be re-scheduled for Thursday, April 26.  Be sure to check the motherblog this Friday for your online blogging due […]

For Tuesday (4/10)

We haven’t quite finished talking about “When Lilacs . . . .”  But, we can already see some of the issues and questions that the poem raises about death, absence, memory, and loss.  Hopefully, you can already start to see and understand some of the poetic strategies that Whitman deploys to tackle these big issues […]

Some things to do with Walt . . .

Tag cloud of “When Lilacs . . . ”   Gloggin’ Dreiser

Tuesday (4/3)

1) Read and comment on three other project descriptions.  You can either scroll through the blogroll to the right or click on the class blog feed to get a digest of recent blog posts.  Your goal here is to offer helpful feedback to your three other comrades.  E.g. don’t just write – – “Great idea!” […]

For Thursday (3/29)

  Some things to complete before this Thursday: 1) blog about the project you’d like to develop.  What is it that interests you about this project?  What did you enjoy about this project?  Formulate a question that will guide your further development of the project.  E.g. what kinds of problems or issues remain unanswered or […]