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For Tuesday (3/13)

Several things for Tuesday: 1) Mass culture treasure hunt.  Your goal here is to find three examples of Walt Whitman’s presence within American mass (or popular) culture.  These should be instances where the figure of Whitman and/or Whitman’s poems are cited by and within mass (popular) culture after the last publication of Leaves of Grass […]

For Tuesday (3/6)

  For our next virtual class – – let’s explore some of the ways that Whitman was “read” and “misread” by his contemporaries and by his contemporary culture.   We’ll never know exactly what Whitman “meant” to his contemporary readers.  However, looking at the reviews will help us to get a sense of how readers […]

For Tuesday (2/28)

1) For Tuesday (actually Wed.), we’ll be doing a little manuscript detective work. First, note and read  the second poem – – titled there as “A Song for Occupations” – –  in the 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass.  Make a few notes about the poem:  what are the most interesting or important lines? how […]

Tuesday (2/21)

For our next virtual class: Whitman didn’t so much produce a book of poetry, Leaves of Grass, as an ongoing iteration of a poem and book.  Leaves of Grass is more like a “versioned” text (LoG 1.0, LoG 2.0, etc.) than a stable, finished document.  Let’s explore a bit of this de-re-composing process. For Tuesday: […]

Whitman YouTubed

Can you handle this Whitman remix? Here’s a great YouTubing of Whitman: And, another: And, yet another, in a different style: And, one more re-creative masterpiece: And, here’s a more complete gallery of Whitman YouTubes.  

For Thursday (2/16)

For Thursday, we’ll talk a bit more about Whitman and his peers.  You might want to review your notes, annotations, or blog posts about Walt and his fellow poets. More importantly, we’ll start on Thursday to explore Whitman’s poetic process.  Luckily for us, the Walt Whitman archive is a treasure trove of manuscripts, drafts, notebooks, […]

For Tuesday (2/14)

You’ll want to do three things for Tuesday: 1) look at Whitman’s personal copy of the 1860 edition of Leaves of Grass, known as the “blue book.”  In this copy, you’ll find a plethora of Whitman’s own notes, annotations, and revisions.  Browse through the book, paying special attention to the early pages and to his […]

For Thursday (2/9)

Sometimes – – if not always – – you can’t really judge or understand a poet’s value until/unless you understand the poetic context of his/her work.  For Tuesday, we’ll take a dip into the poetic waters surrounding Whitman. Here’s a pop-up anthology of Whitman’s poetic peers.  Let’s all take a look at the first poem, […]

Other things . . .

1) don’t forget our tweet-of-the-week.  You can find it by searching on Twitter via the hashtag – – #WhitmanSFSU.  The tweet isn’t due until next Thursday, Feb. 9. 2) our Whitman lexicon.  Have you come across an odd Whitmanian or 19th century word?  Find the definition and post it to our lexicon – – with […]

For virtual class on Tuesday (2/7)

We had a really wide-ranging discussion on Thursday.  One thing I tried to point to throughout the discussion was Whitman’s use of motifs. Motifs are repeated elements of a poem or narrative – -images, words, phrases, scenes, etc.  As these elements are repeated they emphasize and elaborate meanings and help to connect the scattered parts […]