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YouTubing Whitman

You have two ways to YouTube your Whitman reading: the simple way and the more complicated way.

1). Simple way.  Find around 15 lines from “Song of Myself” that you either really like or that you think will sound really good.  Practice reading these lines aloud.  You’re not reading a scorecard: practice using your voice to interpret the poem – – stressing and unstressing, pitching high and low, slowing down and speeding up.  Your goal is to add something to the poem and its lines.  (Here’s a nice little tip sheet on reading poetry aloud.)

Next, make sure your computer has a webcam.  (If it doesn’t, you can use any recent Mac in any computer lab on campus.)  Then, go to the YouTube account for our class.  YouTube: Username – englisgh630SFSU; password – 1600holloway.  (Or, you can create your own YouTube account or use your existing account.)  Click on the “Upload” button in the upper right-hand corner.  Follow the instructions to: record your video;  edit;  save.  It would be a good idea to save your video with your initials or fist name in the title.

If you’re shy or worried about Russian mafia hackers, etc., you don’t have to show your face in the video, or at least your entire face.  But, remember, even with your eloquent voice, things could get a little boring staring at a white wall or curtain.

2) More complicated way.  Here, you’ll not only read the poem aloud but also accompany it with some visual commentary.  This will require a bit of familiarity with a digital storytelling application like iMovie or MovieMaker.  Both of these applications are very, very simple to use.  Although this is the more complicated option, it is also often the more enjoyable and creative option.  For more details, got to this extensive “how-to.”


3)  Embed your video into your blog.  Go to your blogger blog and create a new post.  In the editing window, you’ll notice a little icon that looks like a movie clacker – – – –  right next to the image icon.  Click on this and a new window opens up titled “Select a file.”  Click on “From YouTube.”  Search for the title of your video.  Click “Select.” Your video will now be embedded into your post.

Questions?  Email me or stop by the virtual office hour (11 a.m.) on Monday.