The 1930s

Proletarian Literature

[Daniel Bresnahan, Leo Krubner, Evan Stradford, Kylie Madson, Michael McFadden, Robert Mezian, Michael Kenney]

Proletarian Poetry

Mike Gold, “On the East Side

Tillie Olsen, “The Iron Throat

Albert Halper, “Scab

Joseph Freeman, “Introduction,” Proletarian Literature in the U.S. (1935)

Mike Gold, “Go Left, Young Writers!” New Masses (1929)

General Strike

[Ka Wing Tsang, Jessica Arce, Bryanne Cross, Seena Taalomi, Alex Pittel, Louise Noble, Kristina Liwanag]

Mike Quin, The Big Strike, and excerpts

The 1934 West Coast Longshore Strike” (video)

1934 SF General Strike (newspaper accounts)

Factory in the Fields

[Lyanne Teopaco, Olivia Torres, Joe Soltero, Juan Garcia, Diego Mulato Castillo]

Carey McWilliams, Factories in the Fields (1935)

The California Cotton Pickers Strike (1933)

Langston Hughes, “Harvest” (1934)

Primary Source startpoints:

Library of Congress

New York Public Library


Online Archive of California

SFSU Labor Archives

The New Deal Network

Calisphere (U Cal Archives)








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