For Thursday (11/17) and Tuesday (11/29)

For Thursday, keep reading Bryan Washington’s Lot.  I will post a writing event a week from this Monday (11/28).  It’s the Fall recess – – and you should spend this time recessing.

When we meet on Tuesday (11/29), bring to class the following: the title of your favorite short story from Lot and (at least) two open-ended questions you have about this story.  These should be genuine questions about something that puzzled you, troubled you, or beguiled you in your favorite story.

For Thursday (10/20) and Tuesday (10/25)

Thursday is Reading Journal day!  (I believe I’m all caught up on your reading journals; however, if you have recent entries without comments, let me know.)

Regrettably, I had to cancel class on Tuesday.  Let’s move everything forward one week.  So, for this Tuesday (10/25), we’ll talk about Edwidge Danticat’s “Night Talkers.”  (Available per usual in our course textbook.)

For Thursday (9/29) and Tuesday (10/4)

Your first reflection essay is due today (Thursday, September 29) by midnight!  Be sure to proofread (comma guidance offered free-of-charge here).

Since you’ll be busy working and re-working your reflection essay, your reading journal entry for this week will be due by noon, Sunday, October 2.

And, finally, for Tuesday, be sure to read Julia Elliott’s fine short story – – “Feral.”  (Available as usual in our course textbook.)