Larsen assignment

Working independently, several film scholars have recently argued that the 1920 Oscar Micheaux film, The Symbol of the Unconquered (see below), may in fact not have been written by Micheaux  – – but instead by a then unknown writer named Nella Larsen.  As a student of Nella Larsen’s Quicksand, you’ve been contacted by these scholars to verify their hypothesis.

Your task in this assignment is to view Micheaux’s silent film and explain to your colleagues whether or not Larsen may have been involved in the movie’s screenplay.  In other words, in what ways does The Symbol of the Unconquered connect with Larsen’s Quicksand?   What continuities and discontinuities do you see between the film and the novella in terms of theme, character, plot, or motifs?  Your two to three page essay should definitively answer this question: should The Symbol of the Unconquered be included in Larsen’s oeuvre?

Due: May 10