For Tuesday (9/26)

We lost a class day due to that strange power outage.  Thanks to all who managed to make it to virtual office hours on Thursday.  If you couldn’t meet me in the Zoom World, no problem.  For Tuesday (9/26), proceed to complete the work for Week 6 on our WikiEdu dashboardDo not assign yourself an article until you’ve talked to me on Tuesday (if you haven’t already gotten a green light).

We’ll probably slow down a bit once we’ve got article topics nailed down.  This will give you more time to really source your Wikipedia articles with high-quality sources.

For Thursday (9/7) and Tuesday (9/12)

For Tuesday, check our Wikiedu dashboard to complete all of the assigned trainings and exercises for “Week 4: Evaluating Wikipedia.”  Especially important here is the exercise titled “Evaluate Wikipedia.”  Take your time with this exercise and evaluate your chosen article with care and seriousness.  Finish your evaluation by Sunday, September 10, at midnight so that I can review your evaluation before class on Tuesday, September 12.

For Thursday (8/31)

For Thurday (8/31) and Tuesday (9/5), let’s start our Wikipedia project.

First, you’ll need to create a Wikipedia account and enroll in our course project.  You can do that by clicking this link.

When you choose a username for your account – – try to choose one close to your real name, i.e. a username that lets me know it’s you.  For instance, if I were creating a Wikipedia username for this project, I might choose one like “lhanley2001,” or “HanleyEB,” or “LarryH666,” etc.

After you’ve created a Wikipedia account and logged into our project dashboard, you’re ready to start working.  For Thursday and Tuesday, finish the tasks associated with Week 3 (9/03 – 9/05).

You should also be thinking about possible articles you’d like to author.  On Tuesday, bring in five possible topics for a new Wikipedia article.  (Write these down on a piece of paper – – before you arrive in class.)

For Tuesday (8/29)

For Tuesday, browse Wikipedia to find the most interesting article that you can.  Once you’ve located what you think is the most interesting article, analyze the page using the XTools Wikipedia machine.  (It’s pretty easy – – just type the official name of the page into the “page title” box and click submit.)

After you’ve run your most interesting article through the XTools machine – – examine the results.  What are four or five interesting things you can note about the page based on the analysis?  Write these interesting things down and bring them to class on Tuesday.

For Thursday (8/24/23)

For Thursday, read “Everything You Need to Know about Wikipedia and More” and carefully review “Wikipedia: Five Pillars.”  After looking at these two texts, answer the questions below.  Try to finish this before Friday (8/25) at noon.

Even before we actually get to work on our Wikipedia pages, you should begin thinking about some possible topics you’d be interested in developing into a Wikipedia article.  There are no restrictions on the topic area you might be interested in (music, books, history, science, technology, etc.) – – the only initial criterion: it should be a topic you’re interested in.


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