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Last day of class.  And, it's been a blast!

On Thursday, let's gather to get some feedback on your items for our Prepper's Bazaar.  This means you should have a draft of your two catalog items in google docs to share with your Book Club comrades.

A few final things in re the Prepper's Bazaar:

  • review the rubric carefully
  • as your catalog shoppers may not have read or seen all the narratives that you have. Pitch your item entry toward somebody who doesn't know all the details of the narratives.  (It's probably not a bad idea to link text in your catalog entries to the books or movies you are drawing on for your items.)
  • have some fun - - creativity and humor are encouraged
  • proofread!  The two strike rule applies - - and if you strikeout, I can't publish your catalog items.
  • send me ( the sharing links to your google docs (make sure that you allow me to edit your documents as this will allow me to copy and paste your item into our online platform)
  • you should send the links to your catalog items to me by Tuesday, December 17.

NB: If you still have reviews that still haven't been published, edit accordingly and alert me to the final status of your review.   If you've already edited but still haven't had the review published, send me an email.  And, if you feel that the workload has not been evenly distributed in your movie club, do let me know.

I've had a lot of fun this semester and learned a lot from you.  Don't be a stranger.  And, enjoy your winter recessing!

Let's talk some more about Jeff VanderMeer's The Strange Bird.

VanderMeer has a new novel out - - Dead Astronauts - - and will be giving a reading right here in San Francisco - - 7:30 p.m. on Friday, December 13, at Green Apple Books. (h/t Katrina B.)  You'll receive 10,000 extra credit points if you attend the reading and can produce a photograph of VanderMeer at Green Apple; 100,000 extra credit points will be awarded if it's a photograph of you and Jeff together!

Don't forget our final project - -the Prepper's Bazaar catalog.  Check out the rubric for this endeavor.  We'll work on the project in class on Thursday.

Our Movie Clubs are no more - - but make sure to check your final flight of reviews to see if I've commented on them before publication.

Let's finish reading/discussing Purge of Babylon.

And, don't forget - - your "Missing Chapter" assignment is due.

Just to keep things a bit more organized - - here's our Movie Club schedule:

New movie review due Saturday, November 16, at noon.

Revisions of previous reviews - - the ones I've commented on etc. - - due Tuesday, November 19.

Let's read up to the end of Chapter 17/Book One in Sam Sisavath's The Purge of Babylon.   Check out the video review above.  Do you agree or disagree with the reviewer's judgments?

And, don't forget, take a look at our next out-of-class assignment - - "The missing chapter."  Bring any questions etc. to class.

Let's finish reading and talking about Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven.  As you read through the end of the novel, think about a couple of questions:  why is the book titled "Station Eleven"? why is Arthur Leander one of our central characters?